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Baselland Business 1/2022 English

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Business guide for the Basel-Landschaft region in German and English

Baselland Business 1/2022

BL Business The business guide for the Basel-Landschaft region 2022 The exclusive Business Report The business location Basel-Landschaft has many advantages – in the report they are shown with facts and figures. In addition, a unique overview of the approximately 100 largest manufacturing companies in the Basel region. A diversity that impresses. Cantonal Finance Director Anton Lauber The tax relief within the framework of Tax Bill 17, the patent box and the research and development deduction strengthen the business location and life sciences cluster in the Basel area in addition, says Anton Lauber, member of the Basel- Landschaft cantonal government. Vocational training as a central topic Ursula Renold, professor of education systems at ETH Zurich, has spent many years studying vocational education and training in Switzerland. In an interview, she explains why the Swiss system is a successful model in an international comparison.

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